Preparation of Powder Sample Sets via Rotation Sample Divider

Set up of an analytical programme or verification of instrument calibration software can be handled professionally and with confidence in analytical results by means of internationally accepted Certified Reference Materials.

However, the costs of some 20 CRMs as control samples to cover a wider range of different materials is relatively high. The regular commercially available quantity is 100 or 200g, but 10g are sufficient for preparation of a suitable control sample.

We offer to supply sets of CRMs as per your specification. These are produced via a rotation sample divider ensuring equal distribution of material with regard to grain size and quantity in all sub-samples of the original materials, however considerably cheaper. Reproducible, clean and economic manufacture requires a minimum order size of 10 sets of 10g each. Each set is accompanied by a copy of the original certificate, bottles are labelled and packed as a set. Please inquire for details.