Reference Samples at Bargain Prices

Solid Samples of Aluminium and Steel

Al-Samples from VAW, Germany (Hydro Aluminium)

You can see the certificates below from some older discontinued reference samples of diameter 60x20mm sold at € 253,- exw Hamm, Germany, packing included, which is less than half the price of current reference materials from VAW or ALCOA or ALCAN.

AlSi5Cu 3332
AlSi5Cu 3334-2
AlCu5 3362

Steel-Samples from CENIM

The Spanish Steel Research Institute has given up the production of reference materials, which had a good reputation among steel analysts. We still have several samples of different alloys in stock and offer these at € 70,-/pc. exw Hamm, Germany, packing included.

Steel, low alloy

Tool Steel / High Speed Steel

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