SpectroMicro™ Series 3100 - Sample Cups For Micro Samples Without Compromising

SpectroMicro Sample Cups were developed in response to meeting an increasing need to handle a range of small or rare sample quantities with ease, analytical accuracy and precisions of measurement.

The SpectroMicro Sample Cup accomplishes this by integrating a funnel shaped structure within the sample cup Cell. The larger conically shaped upper portion of the funnel allows and facilitates introduction of the sample substance and the lower cylindrically shaped spout portion of the funnel functions as the vertical walls of the sample collection chamber. The height of the sample chamber is defined as the conical and spout junction of the funnel. The bottom open end of the spout or sample chamber, referred to as the aperture of the sample cup, is transformed into the sample plane formed by the attachment of a suitable thin-film window with a provided Collar.

By confining the sample substance to within the sample chamber boundary the volumetric capacity of the sample cup and sample quantity is established. Simply matching the sample quantity available for analysis to the aperture diameter of the sample cup enables selection of the most appropriate SpectroMicro Sample Cup. An assortment of sample cups is available with various aperture diameters to accommodate micro sample quantity containment ranging from 0.20 cc to 5.5 cc. Vented Snap-On Caps maintain pressure equalization to minimize potential convoluted sample planes.


Specifications and Ordering Information

Catalog Number Surface Area Exposure Diameter Sample Chamber Volumetric Capacity Outside Diameter Height (with Cap) Integrated Interior Funnel Number of Sample Cup Sets/Package*
3106 6 mm (0.24") 0.20 cc 30.6 mm (1.20") 23 mm (0.9") Yes 100
3110 10 mm (0.39") 0.50 cc 30.6 mm (1.20") 23 mm (0.9") Yes 100
3115 15 mm (0.59") 1.0 cc 30.6 mm (1.20") 23 mm (0.9") Yes 100
3120 20 mm (0.79") 5.50 cc 30.6 mm (1.20") 23 mm (0.9") N/A 100

* A set consists of a cell, vented cap and collar

Made under one or more of patents: 5,451,375; 5,630,989; 4,698,210; 238,210; 4,665,759 and pending applications.
™ SpectroMicro is a trademark of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

Reminder To Order Thin Films - X-ray films for sample cup attachment

Note: For best results, use SpectroMembrane® Thin-Film Sample Support Carrier Frames.

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